TV Bookshelf Space Saving Ideas

Practical wall unit space savers for your TV

Do you have a wall that has a small table with a big television sitting on top of it? Why not turn this into a bookshelf wall unit?

The conventional feature fireplace is under severe competition from entertainment walls, which have become a popular living room fixture. To attain the best viewing angle, TV fans prefer their box to be in the centre of the room, thus the lounge fireplace is increasingly being relegated to a side wall or corner ornament. This interior reorganisation allows you to envision a new living room feature wall with the TV in the centre. It also needs more storage space for receiver and recorder equipment, as well as movie discs, consoles, and games. So, how do we create a modern view that is attractive enough to replace a mantelpiece, and where do we now showcase our prized possessions?

Full Wall Unit Styling

There is a lot to consider with this kind because it is made up of the wall that will be designed. This sort of device is more than simply a place to put a TV; it’s a way to improve the entire wall. If you have a lot of room, this design is a no-brainer. A bookshelf constructed appropriately or few accessories can be included as a finishing touch to offer elegance and diversity to the wall.

Open Space Wall Unit

TV units are more than simply a location to put the TV; they are an entity that is ornamented in such a way that it attracts attention. The open shelf system is a low-maintenance, low-cost option. For a small area, open shelving is ideal. With plenty of shelves, it’s ideal for storing set-top boxes, DVD players, and other electronics, making it a self-sufficient living.
tv units wall

Contemporary TV Wall Unit

The combination of open shelves and closed units creates a stunning visual atmosphere. Glass can be utilised to enhance the appeal. Well-balanced open and closed shelves, or a glass-filled unit with a T.V. lying in the middle, pave the way for a hutch-like design. The most essential thing to remember while developing this type of design is to keep the visual weight as low as possible.

30th November 2021


Peter Farrell