The Ultimate Packing For Storage Checklist

If you are moving house and need a place to store your belongings for a short time, professional storage is a great option. It can be a great way to create more space around your new home, while also ensuring the items are looked after and well protected in your absence.

While the process of packing for storage can appear stressful and a little overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. The right planning can help you tick your packing off fast, so you can get back to setting up your new place sooner.

Follow the packing for storage checklist below from Kent Storage for an easier, cheaper and relaxing experience.

Preparing For Storage

  • Create an inventory. Start by identifying what you need. This will help you discover what volume you need for storage.
  • Research storage options. When looking at storage companies, keep an eye out for accreditations, 24/7 security, great reviews and affordable packages.
  • Choose your storage type. Self-storage and shared units offer you a cage, while others like secure storage give you a weather-proof container.
  • Look for added extras. The best storage packages will come with extras like free pick-up and drop-off, protective sheets and locks.
  • Book in storage.
  • Organise a removalist. If you don’t already have a removalist, remember to book one early.

Packing Tips

  • Check storage rules. Some items can’t be placed in professional storage, such as dangerous goods and food items. It’s best to double-check.
  • Protect furniture. Use protective sheets around furniture to avoid dents and unwanted damage.
  • Wrap fragile items. Delicate items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper to avoid breakage. They should also be placed in special heavy duty moving boxes designed for fragiles. This can be the difference between broken plates and perfectly packed ones.
  • Prepare whitegoods. Your fridge, washing machine and dryer needs to be drained and cleaned before moving. This will prevent mould.
  • Pack boxes tightly. When packing moving boxes, ensure you fill them completely. It will create better shock absorption and prevent a shock later when you unpack your goods.
  • Use labels. As you pack boxes, write the contents as well as the room in your house it comes from. It will save confusion later.

Tips For Storage

  • Use all of the space. Pack your storage unit making use of all of the space for better value for money. Use planks of wood to create steady layers if needed.
  • Place light boxes on top. Place heavy boxes and items towards the bottom and stack lighter ones above. This will help to avoid boxes being crushed over time.
  • Protect with plastic wrap. This stops weather damage and spills damaging your items.
  • Purchase a lock. If needed, invest in a high-quality lock to safeguard your goods. Short-arm locks are a good choice because they can’t be broken by bolt cutters.

Follow this checklist to take the stress out of packing for storage. It will ensure the process gets ticked off and completed smoothly, so you can get on with the rest of your moving tasks.


12th July 2017



Andrew Cook