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Landlord Rental Questions and Answers

1/ How Long will it take to Rent My Property?

This is dependent upon a number of various factors such as;

  • Time of year
  • Quality of finishes
  • Similar properties available in the area
  • Vacancy rate in the area
  • Rental price

As of July, 2016 our days on market at Mint360property, are well below that of the market average in the area.


2/ How do I Prepare My Property for Leasing?

Put your best foot forward by de-cluttering the surface areas; incorporate some colour into the key areas, such as the living room, bedroom and bathroom; inject some nature with fresh flowers and always make sure the property presents at its very best when the photography is taken for the advertising campaign.


3/ How do I Change my Property to Mint360property if it is Currently being Managed by Another Agent?

STEP 1: Check your managing agent agreement with your current agent for the period of notice you are required to provide.

STEP 2: Provide written notice to your current agent assigning Mint360property as your new agent.

STEP 3: Sign manageing agent agreement with Mint360property which will commence the following day of your expiry notice period with your current agent.

STEP 4: Mint360property will advise your current agency that we have been appointed as your new property management representative and will be ready to collect the file and keys upon expiry of the notice period.


Please note that you can exit your agency agreement earlier than the notice period if you are willing to pay the current agent the management fees they would normally be paid over the notice period, upfront.

Mint360property believes in a high level of communication and will advise you upon completion of each of the above noted steps.


4/ Do I need Landlord Insurance?

Short answer is… YES

Long answer is…  YES

Any answer to the question is always YES!

We cannot stress enough the importance of insurance. We stress Insurance for the tenants and we would be remiss if we did not do the same for our Landlords.

The nature of Investment property can be an unpredictable one which is why it is always important to safeguard against the stress of an unexpected major experience.


Tenant Rental Questions and Answers

1/ My Flatmate is Moving Out, How do I Change My Lease?

Contact your property manager and advise that you would like to have your lease transferred, then the following will be required;

IF YOU ARE THE ONLY CURRENT TENANT ON THE LEASE AND WISH TO MOVE OUT: The tenant currently living in the property that would like to take over the tenancy is required to submit an application to Mint360property and the new lease is treated as a new tenancy. A new bond will need to be submitted and the old bond will need to be claimed and either re-lodged or returned to you after an outgoing inspection of the property is conducted.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A NAME ADDED TO THE LEASE: The tenant who is currently living in the property and who would like to be added to the lease agreement will need to submit an application form to Mint360property. Once the application form has been approved by the landlord then all the tenants will be required to sign a change of share tenancy bond form that will need to be submitted to the rental bond board.

IF THERE IS CURRENTLY A SHARED TENANCY IN PLACE: The tenants who would like to be changed over have to follow the above procedure with the appropriate names removed and added on both the lease and bond form accordingly.


2/ How much Notice do I Need to Give in Order to Move Out?

Contact your property manager and submit your notice in writing, via email, post or fax. Your notice should fall into 1 of the following 3 categories

  • Lease has already expired; 3 weeks notice is required
  • Lease is due to expire; 2 weeks notice to the date of the lease expiring
  • Lease not yet expired (also known as Break Lease); Certain costs can be incurred in this case, so best to refer to your property manager as soon as you know the date you wish to move out of the property.


3/ How can I make sure I get my Bond Money back?

Once you have submitted your notice, our office will send written acknowledgement of your notice to vacate the property and supply you with a guide to vacating, along with contact details of our preferred cleaners and carpet cleaners etc to ensure there are no issues when vacating. If you haven’t already done so, it is best to report all maintenance repairs required at the property prior to giving notice to vacate. Anything that has been damaged during your tenancy must be repaired prior to you leaving.


4/ Do I need Renter’s Contents Insurance?


We cannot emphasise enough. Your contents in the property are not covered by the Landlords Insurance. Should there be an emergency repair required in the property for example a flood; The insurance will cover the damage to the property but not any furniture, equipment or electronics etc damaged in the flood.


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