Real Estate Appraisal Pyrmont NSW 2009

How Much is my Home Worth in Pyrmont?

The median price for a unit or apartment in Pyrmont was $977,500 as of July 16, 2018. To date, there have been 192 units sold this year. Of all the unit sales 81 were 2 bedroom apartments and 64 were one bedroom. The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio rates an investment in a unit as balanced and a unit as above average. Above average suggests there are marginally more buyers than vendors. Generally, sellers are getting their advertised property price.
The 12-month capital growth in Pyrmont is at 1.01% for a unit. The average annual capital growth is 5.78% for units. It takes on average approximately 85 days to sell a unit.
House prices and weekly rent returns in Pyrmont

  • 2 bedroom house No Data Rent per week $790
  • 3 bedroom house No Data Rent per week $1400

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Pyrmont

  • 1 bedroom unit $710,000 Rent per week $600
  • 2 bedroom unit $1,180,000 Rent per week $825
  • 3 bedroom unit $2,850,000 Rent per week $1280

The gross rental yield is 3.95% for units.

Free Real Estate Appraisal Pyrmont

Real estate appraisal Pyrmont 2009
Do you own your home or have an investment property and you want to know how much it is worth? Our real estate agents are available to give you a free appraisal of your home or unit. We base our findings on the property’s location to public transport, schools, shops and amenities. Each appraisal is different and we will deliver an accurate and professional report on the value of your home.

Free Rental Appraisal Pyrmont

Have you recently purchased an investment property and require a rental manager? Or, are you moving out of your existing home and wish to lease the property? Our property management team have performed multiple rental appraisals in Pyrmont. This is a service that we provide free of charge. It is our goal to maximise the owners return on investment. Finding the right tenant can save you a lot of money in the long term. Each week your property is vacant costs you 2% of your annual return.

Property Valuation Pyrmont

Did you know there is a difference between a property appraisal and a real estate valuation? If you want to know the market price of your home a licenced real estate agent can do this for you. Our agents perform all types of appraisals free of charge. If for legal matters you need a valuation then you must employ the services of a registered valuer. For this service, they will charge a fee.

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