Outdoor Heating Options

Heating Up Your Outdoor Area

Winter is usually the time that sends everyone inside. It doesn’t always have to be that way. You can still enjoy your outdoor area and stay warm with a sound heating system. You can choose from many options that will suit your outdoor environment. These include –

  • natural or has powered fire pit
  • electric heaters (stand or strip)
  • gas powered heaters
  • chimenea
  • combustion wood heater

The size of your outdoor area will determine the type of heater you choose.

What is the best way to heat a small outdoor space?
An outdoor gas heater or heat strips are the most appropriate heaters for heating a relatively limited area.
Outdoor gas heaters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from tabletop heaters to freestanding column and area heaters that are easy to move about. Alternatively, you may go for electric heat strips, which are both inexpensive and discrete.

What is the best way to heat a huge outdoor space?
A fireplace is the epitome of ‘cosy.’ When it comes to open spaces, there are two excellent options: chimeneas and fire pits. Both will keep you warm during the winter months and give a focus point for your guests. Wood heaters are also an excellent choice, as they are both efficient and ecologically beneficial. These heaters are attractive and provide good radiant heat while emitting little pollutants.

How to Use Outdoor Heaters Safely
The safety of both property and people is paramount with any form of heater. Firepits and patio heaters should be kept away from anything combustible and placed on solid ground. If you’re utilising gas heaters in a contained location, you’ll need some sort of ventilation to keep carbon monoxide from building up.

1 Chimenea
In one device, the pot-bellied chimenea combines the elegance of an open fire with the comfort of a radiant heater. They function by igniting a powerful flame that is fed by the natural draught created by air departing the chimney. The fire heats the entire chimenea, which then spreads heat to the surrounding environment. They come in two different materials: clay and cast iron.

2 Strip Heaters
These discrete strips, which are mounted on the ceiling, give focused warmth. The quantity of heat strips you’ll need is determined by the size of the space you’re trying to warm. Running expenses are inexpensive, especially if timer controllers are installed.

3 Firepits
An open fire can’t be matched for mood and romance, and with a firepit, it can also become a highlight of your garden. A brick or stone built-in firepit is a terrific DIY project for your garden, whilst a fire bowl or braziers are more portable and ideal for paved areas or courtyards. They also come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, giving the fire a sculptural aspect.

4 Suspended Wood Fires
Suspended fireplaces are suspended from the ceiling or the wall, maximising space and adding a sculptural element. Focus, a well-known French company, was the first to introduce this unusual concept in 1968. The Focus collection of hanging fireplaces continues to gain favour among fire and design enthusiasts today.

Outdoor Combustion Wood Heaters
Combustion heaters are a great way to slow burn wood or briquettes. They are also great to look at with their glass door and can become a feature of your outdoor area. You can rest your hot cup of coffee on the top as you stoke your fireplace. There are many varieties in the marketplace from free standing to built into a wall. The slow burn nature of a combustion heater can be very fuel efficient. Plus its fun adding wood to the fire.

4th June 2022


Peter Farrell