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7 Home Maintenance Health Check Tips

Simple Home Chores That Will Save Money You may be surprised how a small amount of effort can save you money on your existing bills and future breakdowns. Create yourself a list from our 7 suggestions and tick them off […]

Best Growing Herbs For Your Home

What are the best herbs to grow at home? If you go to any of the major food chain suppliers you can purchase fresh herbs that are packaged in clear containers weighing in at 15g. These herbs are priced from […]

Are Mortgage Brokers Giving You The Best Advice?

We review how mortgage brokers earn their commissions from lenders. The majority of home buyers will engage the services of a mortgage broker to organise or refinance their home loan. These brokers are either full-time employees of the bank or […]

DIY Budget Kitchen Makeovers

Budget Kitchen Makeovers Without Breaking The Bank Do you have a limited amount of money set aside for renovating your kitchen? Or, are you limited to how much you can afford to spruce up your kitchen? We have listed some […]

Interior Design Trends in 2021

Looking Ahead to 2021 for Interior Design Trends As we know interior design is like clothes fashion it is always changing. The Block’s Neale Whitaker takes the approach that there are 2 types of interior design. They are micro and […]

How To Improve and Maintain Your Air Quality

Simple ways to improve indoor air quality It may feel cosy being sealed in tight against the cold in your home during the chillier months of the year, but for people who are sensitive to indoor allergens or have respiratory […]

Backyard Shipping Container Office

Add Property Value With a Backyard Office Shipping Container During COVID-19 some businesses have had to rely on employees working from home. This has led to an upsell in home office furniture and electronics as people try to replicate their […]

Creating A Work From Home Office

Tips On Working From Your Home Office The first thing to do when setting up a home office is to find the space to work from. If you are organised it can be surprising how little room you need. With […]

How To Clean The Bathroom

Tips on how to clean a bathroom The bathroom is one of the most utilised rooms in any property be it at work or in the home. The bathroom is also where most germs can live. So, for health reasons, […]

Decluttering Your Home

Is it time for a spring clean? As winter moves forward now is the time to prepare to declutter your home. Create a Spring clean checklist. Start by going through each room including your garage and shed if you have […]

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