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5 Great Christmas Tree ideas For 2020

Ornaments That Will Brighten Up The Christmas Spirit Christmas in Australia is a summer event. Even though the typical Christmas tree is decorated with items that reflect winter and snow it never stops Aussies from getting into the Christmas spirit. […]

5 Tips To Revamp Your Outdoor Living Space

Want To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space? These 5 Ideas Will Help You. Feeling stressed? Why don’t you step outside and take a deep breath? Spending time outside is one of the best things for your mental and physical health. […]

7 Home Maintenance Health Check Tips

Simple Home Chores That Will Save Money You may be surprised how a small amount of effort can save you money on your existing bills and future breakdowns. Create yourself a list from our 7 suggestions and tick them off […]

Best Growing Herbs For Your Home

What are the best herbs to grow at home? If you go to any of the major food chain suppliers you can purchase fresh herbs that are packaged in clear containers weighing in at 15g. These herbs are priced from […]

Creating A Work From Home Office

Tips On Working From Your Home Office The first thing to do when setting up a home office is to find the space to work from. If you are organised it can be surprising how little room you need. With […]

5 Great Indoor Activities For kids

Homecraft Ideas and Activities for Stay at Home Kids We suggest 5 ideas that can entertain your child whilst they are at home. You can also participate in the fun. Taking Turns in Drawing This is a fun game that […]

Do It Yourself Terrarium Indoor Garden

What is a Terrarium? A terrarium is a grouping of little, decorative plants that grow in a sealed container. These containers are typically made from glass and can be jars or wherever your imagination leads you. The appeal of glass […]

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

Why you should clean your washing machine By design washing machines in hot and humid conditions. These conditions are the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. The soap and detergent chemicals invariably get locked in the washing machine. Eventually, mould […]

Portable Gardens for Renters and Tenants

Grow your own vegetables or plants Do you rent but love gardening and watching plants grow from seed? Then it would be practical to invest in a portable garden. So, if you have to vacate the premises you can take […]

How to Create a Kids Backyard

Great Ideas for Children’s Backyards The average city-suburban block has gotten smaller over the years. Gone are the days of the quarter-acre block. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average size home has three bedrooms and the land […]

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