Are Buyer’s Agents worth the money?

In this instalment of Real Real Estate Advice, Sales Executive Kiki Bermudez talks about buyers agents and if engaging one is worth the money.

Kiki’s key information from the video can be summarised in the below dot points:

  • The right buyer’s agent can be worth their weight in gold as they are dedicated to helping their clients find and buy the right property for their situation
  • They will have established relationships with numerous agents in the area and have access to off-market opportunities that you otherwise would miss out on
  • They do all of the running around for you – this is great if you are a busy professional or interstate
  • They typically are able to negotiate at a higher level than the average Joe and use their strong market knowledge to avoid overpaying for properties
  • Remember to do your research before selecting a buyer’s agent

If you have any questions regarding buyer’s agents, or anything else for that matter, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Below is the full transcript of Kiki talking about buyer’s agents:


“Hi, I’m Kiki Bermudez from Mint360property and welcome to another instalment of Real Real Estate Advice. Now today we are going to be talking about Buyer’s Agents. Many people wonder if engaging a buyer’s agent is worth the money. A great question, and as a selling agent who interacts with buyer’s agents frequently, I am more than happy to share my views with you on that.

I absolutely believe the right buyer’s agent is worth their weight in gold. And there are a number of reasons why. First of all, they are completely dedicated to helping their clients find the right homebuying or investment choices. Just like a selling agent, like myself, focuses on finding property to sell and sell them well, buyer’s agents focus on helping their clients find the right property to buy and buy them well.

Secondly, good buyer’s agents will have established relationships with numerous agents in the area. If I come across an off-market opportunity, they are the first people that I call. They have access to qualified buyers and are less likely to mess me, or my clients around. This means you have greater exposure to a higher number of properties than what the majority see online.

Thirdly, as most busy professionals are unable to stop what they are doing at the drop of a hat, buyer’s agents are there to do all the running around for you. They aim to secure properties prior to auction and close out their competition, sooner rather than later and move quickly to negotiate a deal on their client’s behalf.

Lastly, buyer’s agents are skilled negotiators with strong market knowledge. They will ensure that their clients don’t overpay for property and typically have the ability to negotiate at a much stronger level than your average joe.

Before you enlist the help of a buyer’s agent, be sure to do your research and choose one that is familiar with the area you are looking to buy in.

If you would like to have a chat with me about buyer’s agents I know can be trusted, feel free to give me a ring and id be more than happy to connect you with them. For me, it’s about making sure you are in good hands when making big property decisions. Thank you so much for watching, bye for now.”


19th July 2017



Andrew Cook