5 Bedding Style Tips To Sell Your House

Styling Tricks When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful time. Staging your home with the right look and furniture has been proven time and time again to help sell your home quickly.

In any open home, you want to make your home look beautiful to help potential buyers visualise what it will look like if they lived there on a day to day basis. This is especially true of bedrooms, the room where we all spend a majority of our time at home.

The following bedroom styling tips will help you appeal to the most number of buyers for your next open house. Even if you’re not looking to sell we provide some great inspiration to improve your overall bedroom look.

1. Focus on bedding layers.
Layering bedding is a great way to appeal to a buyer’s eye when they walk into a bedroom. You can do this by combining different sheet colours, pillowcases and a duvet cover.

Another great way to generate a lovely layered look is to add accent pillows. There is no rule of thumb over the correct number of pillows to use but two European pillows, two standard pillows and three decorative cushions (the third being the centrepiece) is a popular configuration for double beds or larger.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure your bed and the room look and feel inviting. Avoid the mistake of making layers that look too perfectly positioned and put together. The cosy, inviting atmosphere is critical for this tactic to be triumphant.

2. Utilise colour to catch the eye.
Try using some pops of colour to add style to your bedroom and make it feel vibrant and alive as opposed to an ordinary and characterless room with a bed in the middle.

Adding colour to your bed sheets and duvet covers, for example, will also help draw attention from any areas of your bedroom that are not so appealing, like an old radiator, duct or carpeting, by helping to draw a potential buyer’s eye away from those items.

Blankets and throws are an easy solution to inject colour. Not only can you pick a contrasting colour that goes with your room’s decor and colour scheme, blankets and throws can also amp up that feeling of warmth and cosiness too.

3. Introduce bedding textures.
Using different bedding textures can help a potential buyer feel welcomed into your bedroom. Experiment with different fabric types to create a comfy looking area that any buyer could imagine themselves retiring to at the end of a hard day’s work.

Try styling your bed with tassel cushions, a knit throw and a matching set of linen pillowcases and duvet covers for a homey atmosphere that appeals to a buyer’s emotions.

There is no right or wrong way to combine various textural elements. Just use your imagination and play with different looks until you find that perfect synergy.

4. Symmetry is your friend.
When prospective buyers walk into your bedroom, you want them to feel relaxed and calm. You do not want their brain to go into overload with wild design everywhere they look.

Using symmetry in a room design as well as bedding will help a buyer stay in buying mode and not get overwhelmed or distracted by the room’s cosmetic features. Plus, symmetry is key to good feng shui in the bedroom. This can be achieved through effective use of extra pillows, a pair of bedside tables and accessories or a couple of well-positioned pot plants can work wonders.

This isn’t to say that everything must be symmetrical. Asymmetry can work well too depending on the layout of your room. For example, mismatched-sized cushions or different cushion cover types or fabrics can look even better on a bed than an immaculately presented pillow arrangement.

5. Use wall art to enhance the overall bedroom aesthetic.
One of the quickest and most effective ways to add to the appeal of an everyday bed and mattress is to add wall art, either as a substitution for a headboard or as a complement to your bedding.

Adding a tasteful, alluring piece of art will make your bedroom feel a little more lived in and help it seem more lively and interesting. Adding a few personal touches like this will help eliminate that generic staged bedroom look, effectively avoiding the IKEA catalogue look.

The best takeaway from this is that staging your bedroom for a potential sale does not have to be difficult, expensive or add to your stress levels. By applying one or two of these bedroom styling tips, you can simultaneously add serious style to your bedroom and wow buyers walking through your home.

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5th November 2021


Peter Farrell