Where In My House Do I set Up My Home Office?

7 Ideas On Where You Can Create a Work From Home Office

Working from home is becoming an option for more and more employees. Businesses are getting used to the idea of connecting with employees via phone and video. However, if you are a WFH employee you should try and separate this space from your normal living if you can. Create a space that feels like you are stepping into your office. Decorate the “office” with some plants and pictures. If you have an outdoor area use this space when you take a break and also go for a 10-minute walk.

1Create a Workspace Desk

This home office concept is really inventive, especially if you have a few strange nooks and corners that go unused. Consider changing a short corridor or an alcove into a home office. The additional built-in storage keeps this little space neat and tidy.

2 – Make a Walk-In Closet Work for You

Consider sacrificing part of your walk-in closet space for a workstation if you have one. Though working next to clothes hangers stocked with all of your clothing items may seem strange, it may provide you with a perfect sound-proof location for having business calls or extended video conference sessions.

3 – Make the Most of Your Staircase Landing

Is there no space for an office? Take a look at this great work-from-home arrangement on the landing of a stairwell. This charming perch is ideal for anybody who has a little work place but does not require a lot of storage. Choose a secretary desk with a little amount of concealed storage.

4 – Put Your Desk Against a Window

When it comes to a productive work environment, natural light is essential, so try to set up your workstation near a window or in a room with enough of it. If you can’t locate a bright place, try investing in a natural light therapy lamp to brighten things up.

5 – Transform Your Closet

A closet that is rarely used may simply be converted into a separate office area. To make a tiny office anyplace in your home, measure a piece of wood to fit the closet properly and remove the doors.

6 – Annexe a Portion of Your Garage

The obvious place to create a little home office is in the garage. Use a corner and furnish and decorate this space. Lay a rug and setup a coffee maker along with a small bar fridge. This can feel like you are stepping outside your home and into your work environment.

7 – Office In A Corner

Examine seldom-used corners and nooks when deciding where to put your workstation in your tiny house. Look for vacant wall space in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom and tuck in a compact desk. A writing desk can seem sleek and beautiful depending on how much room you need for your job.


11th November 2021


Peter Farrell