Updating Your Home Prior To Selling

Before offering your house for sale, update these four areas.

It is advantageous to evaluate the present state of the property in numerous areas before listing your house for sale to identify any prospective maintenance or minor modifications that may be required. Taking care of this upkeep and renovation work before the point of sale might prevent future problems with prospective buyers who might want to haggle over the final sale price depending on the state of the property.

Before putting your house on the market, you should think about fixing up the following four items.

1 – Floors and Carpets
Carpets and floors can also get worn-looking over time from constant usage, just like the walls do. If you have carpets, you could think about hiring a professional cleaner to restore them; alternatively, if there are tears and significant wear, a replacement might be required to help with the selling.

You may need to account for the replacement of cracked or broken tiles for hard floor coverings like tiling and floorboards as well as the re-sanding and polishing of floorboards that may be scuffed or exhibit significant wear or damage.

2 – Outdoor spaces, such as gardens
A prospective buyer would often form their initial opinion of your house based on the front yard and gardens. Before the potential buyer ever enters the front door, a clean, tidy, and green lawn, as well as well-kept gardens, may assist sell your house.

Street appeal may be greatly increased during the sale by updating the gardens, mowing, and edging the front yard before selling the home, as well as keeping a regular schedule to guarantee that they are maintained during the campaign.

3 – Walls and coverings for windows
Over time and with normal daily activities, paint can deteriorate and chip, especially in places that get more usage, such as door frames. A fast paint makeover or some quick touch-ups to cover up any flaws on the walls, depending on their condition, might change how prospective buyers view the house. Don’t forget to paint any exterior parts that may require it, since this will help potential buyers get a first image of the house.

It may be advantageous to replace or upgrade with more contemporary window coverings as they help frame the outside and interior appeal of the building. You may also think about hiring expert cleaners to take care of providing old fixtures a nice freshen up for sale.

4 – Gutters and roofing
Typically, a potential buyer will hire an impartial building inspector after submitting an offer for the property. The inspector will point out any corrosion or wear, potential leaks, and portions of the roof and guttering that may have cracked or chipped tiles. They will also note any potential leaky spots as well as the condition of the gutters and downpipes.

Potential sales gains may be increased by inspecting those areas for damage, making sure the gutter guard is in excellent condition, and making sure the gutters and downpipes are clear of debris.

1st July 2022


Peter Farrell