Ultimate Moving Checklist

The success of your moving day is directly tied to how much effort you’re willing to put into planning and preparation. Moving house is all about project management. So, if you’re not organised, the project definitely has the potential to become a nightmare, and moving day an utter disaster.

Luckily, the experts at Kent Removals and Storage have created this moving house checklist to help guide you through your planning and preparation, ensuring that you’re organised for the big day.

It’s Never Too Early . . .

To start getting organised! With two-months until moving day, there’s a whole range of jobs you should be ticking off your ‘To Do’ list. For instance:

  • Lock down a professional Sydney removalist company. The best moving companies will book out in advance, so you want to get in early to make sure you have the pick of the bunch.
  • Start clearing out your home and decide which items you’re going to pack and move, store, throw away or sell. You may find it’s time to have a garage sale or to rent a storage space. Having this determined early gives you enough time to get all the jobs done.

Two Weeks to Moving Day

At the two week mark, you need to be:

  • Finalising the specifics of your move by confirming payment as well as moving requirements with your removalists. Breakdowns in communication can derail moves, so make you keep the line of communication open throughout the process.
  • Ensuring that your moving plans don’t contravene any restrictions or regulations set out by local councils, building managers and body corporates.
  • Organising a disconnect/reconnect service with your utility providers to ensure you have power, water and gas for your first night in your new home.
  • Making sure you’ve organised a mail redirect service with Australia Post so important mail and paid subscriptions don’t get lost.
  • Cancelling domestic services such as the gardener or your house cleaner. It might be a good idea to get them in for one last clean and clip before you hand the keys over.
  • If you have young children, organise a babysitter for moving day.
  • Backup your computer and store the external hard drive separately. That way if anything happens to your computer your important files and photos will be safe.
  • Don’t let a car breakdown ruin moving day. Get it serviced so it’s in perfect condition for the big day. This is particularly important if you’re moving interstate and driving your car a fair distance.

One Week to Moving Day

There’s never time to rest when you’re preparing to move to a new house. With one week to go it’s time to:

  • Give your new home a final inspection, to make sure that it is in the agreed-upon order.
  • Ensure every minor detail of the move has been confirmed and recorded by your moving company. If any changes pop up, your moving company needs to be notified immediately.
  • Start putting all important and easily misplaced items in clearly marked ‘Essentials Box.’ Things to focus on are keys, chargers, batteries, medication and remotes.
  • Make sure that everything has been packed. The only thing you want to be doing on moving day is carting boxes from the house to the truck.

Pack To Protect

Your treasures will get bounced around a lot on their way to your new home. To keep them safe you need to pack properly and that means:

  • Keeping your belongings safe by packing them using quality materials. At a minimum, you need bubble wrap, professional packing tape and custom made moving boxes. For electronic items, you should invest in specific electronic boxes, especially if you no longer have the original packaging.
  • Pack boxes so they can be carried by one person. This prevents injury to both your removalists and your treasures. You should fill excess space in boxes with bubble wrap to prevent movement as much as possible.

If you complete every task on the list you’ll be fully prepared and moving day should be a dream.


26th April 2017



Andrew Cook