The people involved

In any single development project there can be hundreds of various skilled people involved to complete the planning, promotion, sales and construction of the project. It is the collaboration between the following groups of people that will ultimately determine the quality of the project and your purchase experience.

The developer
The developers are responsible for the entire project from planning, promotion and sales to the construction.

The builder
Sometimes the developer is also the builder, but if not the builder is the company that manages the building site and all tradespeople and stakeholders involved in the construction process.

Electricians, carpenters and plumbers will all be present during the construction of the development and are key to the success of the project down to every pipe, step or fitting.

The majority of the architect’s responsibility lies in the stages before construction, however, they are also required to oversee construction as they will need to come up with alternative solutions that fit within the brief and the aesthetic of the development as unforeseen changes arise.

Project Marketers
These are the companies that give the project a ‘personality’ before marketing it to the public. They are responsible for ensuring the project fits with the local area and their target audience. They manage the creation of all print and digital aids to help the public visualise what the finished product will look and feel like.

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