The apartment lifestyle

With apartment living in Australia becoming more and more popular, especially around the major CBD’s, we take a look at the main benefits that come with living in an apartment block and why building up rather than out accounts for more than just the growing population, but for some, a more desired lifestyle as well.

Convenience of inner-city living
Most developments are built in locations with shops, cafés, restaurants, entertainment and public transport all at your doorstep or a short walk from it. It allows you to find yourself in an inner-city suburb close to the CBD where houses can cost small fortunes. It is a way for buyers to take advantage of the convenience of their desired suburb that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Low maintenance
Not only do smaller living spaces mean less washing, vacuuming, dusting and mopping, there is also the benefit of the body corporate who handle and fix any building issues. Gardening is something else that apartment owners generally need not worry about as you will only have to look after what you decide to grow, such as potted herb gardens and plants. Residents can spend more of their spare time enjoying the local amenities rather than mowing the lawns. For those with green thumbs, communal building gardens or local community gardens are always an option.


Low maintenance outdoor living areas – ‘Horizon’ Eastwood


Affordability in ideal suburbs
This is a big draw-card for many first home buyers and investors looking to enter the market. With house prices continuing to rise, a traditional home is not a viable option for many young buyers, especially in their ideal suburbs. Apartments tend to be more affordable, not only in terms of the purchase price, but also ongoing living costs. Gas and electricity use can also be reduced as a smaller floorplan means less space to heat and cool.

You will find that a lot of the bigger developments are including swimming pools, gyms, communal gardens, BBQ facilities and rooftop spaces. Some even have a range of commercial outlets on the ground floor. Add to that secure parking and storage cages and you will want for nothing. Some recent developments have even included outdoor cinemas and concierge services.


Communal rooftop areas – ‘Rochford’ Erskineville


With developments now coming with secure entries, swipe card/dongle access, intercoms and alarm systems, apartments are harder to burgle. Not to mention you are only one of the many units in your complex and could possibly be 10 floors up.

When you are sharing a building, entrances, lifts and amenities with others, you are more likely to get to know those that are living around you. This can be useful too when your mail needs collecting on holidays or you run out of milk for that after dinner cuppa.

Less rooms and space to fill means less stuff is needed for you to collect, which in turn can lead to a smaller carbon footprint. Developers and architects are also designing buildings with sustainability in mind. Vertical gardens on the outside of the building, green spaces including common parks and gardens, rain water capture facilities, solar energy panels and more are becoming commonplace for new developments.

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27th April 2016



Arthur Perdis