The 8 Best Places for Brunch in Randwick

If you live in Randwick or are thinking of moving to the area, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious brunch.

With long commuting hours and more work to do these days, it’s common for people to skip breakfast and merge breakfast with lunch, aka brunch. Whilst it’s not wise to skip breakfast, having brunch can offer you the best of both the breakfast and lunch worlds. Plus, you don’t have to get up as early for brunch.

So where to go? Here, we give you our top eight picks of the best brunch spots in Randwick.

1. Little Shenkin
2a Belmore Road

Little Shenkin is a restaurant offering a combination of traditional Middle Eastern food, European pastries and coffee. Everything is made fresh each day using high-quality local produce.

The menu includes filo pastry filled with olives, mozzarella and ricotta or omelette with salmon, avocado and feta. There’s beef, lamb or chicken laffa, as well as bacon, egg and cheese wraps.

You can choose between an Israeli salad and an Israeli breakfast. There’s also the Shakshuka, Hummus Plate and Labanne Plate. Or maybe you’d prefer avocado falafel or Belgian waffles.

As for pastries, there are puff pastries like Sabih or cheese and spinach burekas. The menu prices range from $8.50 to $18.50.

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday (7am- 9pm).

2. The Shed Café
Ground Floor, Shop 25, Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, 73 Belmore Road

The Shed Café is a warm and relaxing place with a homely, rustic charm. New meals are always being created, including home-style meals and signature dishes.

The breakfast menu includes bacon and egg burgers, omelettes, eggs benedict, vegetarian breakfast and waffles. The lunch menu has salads, sandwiches, milk buns, nachos or delicious beer-battered barramundi and fries. The kids’ menu includes breakfasts, waffles, nuggets, fries and fresh juice.

As for drinks, you can choose from hot and cold beverages (coffee, chocolate, mocha, latte, tea, milkshake, soft drink, water), smoothies and fresh juice.

Breakfast costs $2-$15.90, lunch is $8.90-$15.90, a kids’ meal is $10.90, and drinks are $3-$7.50.

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday (8am-5.30pm), Thursday (8am-8.30pm), Saturday (8am-5.30pm) and Sunday (8am-4pm).

3. Parc Café
30 Clovelly Road

Parc Café sits at the corner of the street and blends the old and the new with its celadon wall tiles, timber-framed windows and stone concrete floor.

It offers modern Australian cuisine with an adult menu and kids’ menu. The menus include fabulous combinations like cherry toast with ricotta and honey, and porridge with pear and brown sugar. If you like fish, there’s Cowra smoked trout and smoked salmon. There are also blueberry waffles with lemon curd, poached eggs with bacon or potato cakes with smoked salmon, poached egg and avocado salsa.

You can drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a milkshake. A big breakfast and drinks for two adults cost $38.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday (7am-3pm) and Saturday-Sunday (8am-3pm).

4. Rell’s Kitchen
77 Frenchmans Road

Rell’s Kitchen is a family-friendly café with a kids’ corner where children can play with toys and games. The café serves modern Australian cuisine, gluten-free food and healthy options.

The healthy jar is a combination of seasonal fruits, non-sweetened natural yoghurt, organic honey, mixed berries and a sprinkle of chia topped off with Rell’s special seed mix.

There are various menu options, including all-day breakfast, lunch and takeaway. You can have homemade porridge with banana, brown sugar and warm milk and honey for brunch. Chorizo and haloumi burgers and coffee are available for adults, while there are runny eggs and babycinos for kids.

The specials menu changes every week, and includes options like pulled pork rolls and a lentil hotpot.

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday (5.30am-4pm).

5. Duke’s Lounge
153 Avoca Street

Duke’s Lounge is a chic café and restaurant. It offers signature dishes and baking is done in-house. You can also have breakfast all day long.

The menu includes old school breakfasts (egg on toast, eggs benedict, vegetarian breakfast, omelettes, French toast) and new school breakfasts (Bangkok breakfast, Moroccan breakfast or bruschetta with grilled haloumi and poached eggs). There are also rolls, wraps, burgers, salads and basics such as fruit salad, porridge and toast. Menu items cost up to $17.50.

The beverages include house blend, single origin and decaffeinated coffee, black and green competition grade tea, iced latte, chocolate, mocha or coffee, milkshakes, soft drinks and fresh juice. Beverages cost up to $7.50.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday (7.30am-4pm), Saturday (8am-4pm) and Sunday (8am-2.30pm).

6. Four Frogs
30 St Pauls Street

Four Frogs is a family-friendly French restaurant situated in the heart of “The Spot” in Randwick.  The menu includes made-to-order traditional French crepes and seasonal specials.

You can have sweet crepes for dessert, savoury crepes (galettes), salad galettes and crepe flambées. You can combine crepes with spinach and feta or sweet toppings like caramel sauce, whipped cream or fruit. The beverages include wine, cider, beer and hot drinks. Each item costs up to $22.

The kids’ menu includes bacon, cheese and egg galette, butter and sugar crepe, jam and strawberry crepe and Nutella crepe. The extras are banana, strawberries and ice cream. Each item costs up to $8.50.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday (11am to late) and Saturday-Sunday (7.30am to late). Kids under 8 years of age can eat for free from Monday-Thursday (8.30am-2pm).

7. 22 Grams
166-168 Belmore Road

22 Grams is a café with a warehouse-inspired look. It provides a short, seasonal menu with an artisanal focus. Most of the foods are fresh and homemade, including pesto, syrup, granola and almond milk.

The menu includes sourdough bread, corn fritters with smashed avocado and tomato coriander salsa, and homemade granola with ruby grapefruit, yoghurt and berries. The granola is served with orange juice.

The pastry cabinet can be stocked with spicy apples, orange and dark chocolate muffins, brown sugar-crusted cinnamon buns, and spongy chocolate angel cake.

Coffee is roasted in-house. The house blend changes every 3-4 months, depending on what’s in season. It includes a Brazilian and Bolivian blend. You will also have your cappuccino or latte with art in the crema.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday (6.30am-4pm) and Saturday-Sunday (7am-4pm). Expect to pay $5-$15 for breakfast.

8. One Six Nine Café
169 Alison Road

One Six Nine Café is a modern, family-friendly café with a kids’ zone and a secluded courtyard. It serves quality food, from light snacks to meals, and coffee.

The all-day breakfast menu includes pancakes with caramelized banana, ricotta and butterscotch sauce and gluten free millet porridge with cranberries, mixed seeds, fruit compote and cream. Other options to keep you satisfied includes whole grain sourdough, bacon and egg rolls, brioche French toast, breakfast trifle, omelettes and salmon brunch. The items cost $4-$16.

The all-day brunch menu has slow-roasted beetroot and lentil salad, traditional BLT sandwich, steak sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and fries. The items cost up to $15.

The menus change on a seasonal basis and include daily specials.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday (7am-4pm) and Sunday (8am-3pm).

Brunching in Randwick

If you ever find yourself skipping breakfast because you’re in a hurry or you’d rather have brunch instead, just head over to one of these cafés or restaurants in Randwick and start brunching away!

9th December 2016



Andrew Cook