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Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – May 2018

 As we close out May, the banking Royal Commission continues and banks appear to be exceptionally cautious as a result, with buyers finding it a challenge to get loans approved. This is contributing to us seeing properties selling for […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – April 2018

 As we close out April, there is little change in the property market with it continuing to show sluggish signs moving into autumn. We are seeing soft numbers for properties sold and auction clearance rates in Sydney, and buyer […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – March 2018

 The end of March brings the first quarter for the year to a close (already!), and the market has been in motion long enough to see that activity is definitely slower than the end of last year. This showed […]

Summer 2018 market wrap

Market is back into full swing and healthy in Sydney’s east As summer draws to a close; this hasn’t affected the property market as it continues to be in full swing. Our initial assessment concurs that there are healthy market […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – February 2018

 Coming to the end of summer, the property market is back into full swing enabling us to get our first real feel for sentiment in 2018. My initial assessment is that it is a healthy but certainly not overcharged […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – January 2018

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday season, and have had a great start to 2018. I certainly enjoyed my break, spending a few days in the US and three weeks in Colombia experiencing its colour and beauty, […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – December 2017

   As we close out yet another year, we have noticed an increase in buyers since my last market update, with more activity at our open homes. Admittedly, it is a tricky time of year to conclude whether this […]

Spring 2017 market wrap

Sydney market softens over spring quarter Over the past quarter we have seen dwelling values decline by 1.3%, with November showing a 0.7% fall. While this rate of value decline has gathered some momentum over the past 3 months, it […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – November 2017

We are now of the opinion that we are in a normal real estate market, having noticed a lack of urgency from many buyers in the market place and a shift in attitude by some trying to take the upper […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – October 2017

We have noticed a shift in the property market for the month of October where the market seems sensitive as prices have finally levelled off and even come back slightly for certain properties. In our primary areas of service we […]

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