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Neat ideas for renovating a small home

Last year, the Federal Government introduced down-sizing incentives aimed at the baby-boomer set. Add this to rising capital city property prices that give just about everyone an incentive to cash-in on their big home, and it’s not surprising that more […]

6 ways to renovate to increase your home’s selling price

When renovating for profit, the golden rule is minimal expenditure, maximum return. The key is to focus on renovations that will maximise your property’s value, whilst not costing you the earth. Here are 6 smart renovation ideas that will resonate […]

9 big ideas for small bathrooms

When it comes to complaints about a living space, poorly designed, small and pokey bathrooms and ensuites are a popular gripe. If this is something you find yourself experiencing, it might be time to make some changes to your bathroom […]

How to Spot a Good Fixer-Upper

Our finance partners Mint360finance look at buying to renovate and how to pick the right property for your strategy in the following article. Buying to renovate and sell can be a lucrative investment strategy, allowing investors to potentially make a […]

Tips for Choosing the Best DIY Home Renovation Project for Your Needs

Weekends are generally considered to be a time for relaxation, but they can also be a great time to get handy around the house and take steps to improve the look and feel of your property. DIY projects can help […]

7 Top Home Renovation and Decor Ideas for 2017

Out with the old and in with the new! What better way to start 2017 than with a make-over for your most valuable asset? Whether you’re ready for a complete home renovation or simply want to bring your house up-to-date […]