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When is the right time to refinance an investment property?

Loan refinancing is a strategy used by property investors to access funds – usually to grow or improve the value of their property portfolio. The right time to do it largely depends on your strategy, plans and equity. In this […]

What is co-housing, and could it work for you?

Co-housing is a way of living that offers many benefits, especially for seniors. If the concept is unfamiliar, you may be conjuring up images of a 1970s hippy commune, but rest assured you won’t have to wear tie dye t-shirts […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – May 2018

 As we close out May, the banking Royal Commission continues and banks appear to be exceptionally cautious as a result, with buyers finding it a challenge to get loans approved. This is contributing to us seeing properties selling for […]

Neat ideas for renovating a small home

Last year, the Federal Government introduced down-sizing incentives aimed at the baby-boomer set. Add this to rising capital city property prices that give just about everyone an incentive to cash-in on their big home, and it’s not surprising that more […]

PODCAST: Getting the best price when selling your property

The Smart Property Investment Show regularly looks at buying property, however on our latest episode we discuss the process of selling. Host Phil Tarrant is joined by Mint360property’s Kiki Bermudez who looks at the best way to maximise your sales […]

Property Investment Jargon Explained

Are you new to the world of property investing? Does the jargon leave you feeling confused? Well, fear not, investor-to-be! We’ve put together a comprehensive list explaining the most difficult terminology. By the end of this article, you’ll sound just […]

6 ways to renovate to increase your home’s selling price

When renovating for profit, the golden rule is minimal expenditure, maximum return. The key is to focus on renovations that will maximise your property’s value, whilst not costing you the earth. Here are 6 smart renovation ideas that will resonate […]

Office Buildings – Are they a good investment?

Residential property investment has long been popular among Australians, but far fewer venture into commercial property – like office buildings. While residential real estate may be more familiar, there are many benefits of commercial property investment, which is why it’s […]

Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – March 2018

 The end of March brings the first quarter for the year to a close (already!), and the market has been in motion long enough to see that activity is definitely slower than the end of last year. This showed […]

Summer 2018 market wrap

Market is back into full swing and healthy in Sydney’s east As summer draws to a close; this hasn’t affected the property market as it continues to be in full swing. Our initial assessment concurs that there are healthy market […]

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