Smartphone Security Camera For The Home

Kangaroo: Cheap and Effective Home Security Camera

Do you spend long hours away from your home? Or, perhaps you take annual holidays away with the family. There are some excellent home security camera products on the market that are easy to install and use. You can set up these cameras to “talk” to an App on your phone and view any activity in front of your home. These cameras are triggered by motion and you can receive a notification on your phone whereby you can open the app to see who is there.
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So, we have decided to focus on the Kangaroo Smart Doorbell Camera and Indoor Chime. This cheap and effective security system is connected to your phone and you can view any activity at the front of your home from a mobile phone.

Kangaroo Doorbell and Camera
This unit will set you back about $49.00 from JB HiFI
This is a front door camera.  You’ll be notified when there’s motion, a ring, or both using a doorbell camera. Squinting through the peephole is no longer necessary. From Your Smartphone, you can see who is there. Is it a package delivery or your next-door neighbour with a cup of sugar? You now know. Directly from your smartphone, view what the Doorbell Camera sees. There is no hard wiring. There are no tools required. Simply connect Doorbell Camera to your Wi-Fi, place it near your door, then peel and stick. Welcome to a new level of home security.

Key Features

  • Easy 2-Minute Installation
  • Bundled Doorbell with Chime
  • Indoor Ring + Phone Notification
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life
  • Weather Resistant

Connecting Your Home Security Camera

You only need to take them out of the box, charge them, link them, and then place them where you want them. Some security cameras can be drilled into the wall if they’re going to be permanent fixtures, while others are mobile, allowing you to move them around as needed.

Models with quick-rechargeable batteries are available in JB HiFI’s home security camera line, ensuring little downtime and lengthy standby times. Our security cameras are also weatherproof and made to withstand any situation. They’re not only weatherproof, but they’re also tough enough to take the knocks and scratches that life throws at them. They also, of course, look fantastic. They look great next to ornamental lighting outside and integrate in nicely with your home design.

Security cameras with security lights, spotlights, and motion detectors, as well as those with two-way audio, are available from JB. That’s ideal for letting people know they shouldn’t be there, as well as advising delivery men where to drop your long-awaited package. The latest security cameras are also easy to monitor from any location. High-end security firms are no longer the only ones that can tell you what’s going on and when. You, too, can now do it.

Through an app, you can view real-time direct footage from JB’s security cameras on your phone or device. Alternatively, you can get notified whenever there is movement or someone enters your yard or residence. This is fantastic technology that provides true peace of mind and, if necessary, direct communication with what’s going on around your house or small business.

Of course, if you need to check something later, you can also continuously record your footage into the cloud. Most major security camera brands offer basic recording options, or you can spend more for more advanced storage or extended time periods. And, because our security cameras are compatible with major Connected Home brands like Google and Alexa, they’re even easier to set up, control, and command.

23rd December 2021


Peter Farrell