Small Compact Laundry Design Ideas

Designing a Compact Laundry

If your laundry is limited for space or you just want to fit everything into a compact area here are some ideas. Having a compact laundry can make the workload more efficient and easier to maintain. The laundry area can be livened up with some well-placed plants as well. You can virtually use the floor to ceiling space for adding drawers and cupboards.

Here are some ideas on designing your laundry in a small area.

Choosing the right laundry appliances.
Washer and dryer sets are a terrific way to save time and space since they combine two laundry equipment that have gone a long way over the years. By removing one machine from your laundry layout, you may create more room on the benches and under them for storage. This will be the best two for one decision you’ve ever made if you’re seeking for strategies to maximise your little laundry room!

Or, the most space-efficient option for people who like separate dryer and washer would be to stack them vertically. Consider Sarah Yarrow’s laundry, which is seen above. All the necessities fit in an incredibly little area while yet looking attractive.

Cabinetry Cusomised to your needs.
Your laundry room should serve as a convenience for you, not the other way around. The functioning of the room will depend on how you really utilise the area as opposed to how you “imagine” you may use it while designing the ideal plan. Tall storage will be essential if you possess a stick vacuum and often use an ironing board; but, if you don’t have enough room for linens and have a lot of “bits,” ceiling cupboards can work better for you. In the end, it’s all about reducing clutter and using storage wisely.

Clothes hanging and cleaning space
Being resourceful with your use of space and using underutilised places is the secret to functionality in tiny spaces. This is often the backsplash in a laundry room, located between the counter and the overhead cabinets. Including as many useful elements as you can, such a hanging rail or floating shelf, can help you make the most of your space and stop clutter from taking up valuable bench area. Consider installing wall hooks on the wall across from the bed to hang accessories like dustpans, brushes and feather duster.

Bi-fold door
Bi-fold doors are a terrific method to maximise space and carry a cabinetry design from surrounding rooms (for example, kitchen cabinets) for a well-thought-out, unified house. They are beautiful on the outside and functional on the inside. Laundries can be hidden away in inconvenient corners, integrated into corridors, and covered with doors that give the impression that they are located somewhere else in the house. You just shut the doors for the day when the amount of laundry seems a little too much to handle. In this scenario, what you can’t see doesn’t exist, contrary to the adage that what you don’t know won’t damage you.

Pull out laundry baskets
If you said that your laundry didn’t transform into a clothing disposal area on a weekly basis, you’d be lying to yourself. The 1-2 loads quickly grow into 10 as mounds begin to build up. Pull-out laundry baskets are a terrific technique to lessen the clutter and therefore the overwhelm in this situation. The trick is to stop it before it begins. Excellent system built into under-bench cabinets.

10th July 2022


Peter Farrell