Selecting The Right Real Estate Agent

In this instalment of Real Real Estate Advice, Sales Executive Kiki Bermudez talks about selecting the right real estate agent to sell your property.

Kiki’s key information from the video can be summarised in the below dot points:

  • Don’t choose an agent just because they are the cheapest or the most convenient
  • Meet two or three agents so you can decide who you are most compatible with
  • Be careful of agents that overprice your property to try and win your business
  • Ask for supporting evidence of how the agent got to their figures
  • It’s the process, not the promise of a price that gets results
  • Look for an agent that manages the sale process effectively

If you have any questions regarding selecting real estate agents, or anything else for that matter, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Below is the full transcript of Kiki talking about selecting the right agent to sell your property:


“Hi, I’m Kiki Bermudez from Mint360property and welcome to another instalment of Real Real Estate Advice. Picking a real estate agent can be an arduous task with many people unsure of where to even start. Here are my top tips to help make that task as easy as possible.

It is critical that you do not fall into the trap of thinking your property will achieve the same result, regardless of the agent you choose, and then defaulting to the cheapest or most convenient option.

Unless you have a strong, trustworthy relationship with an existing agent, I would recommend that you meet at least two or three agents. The you can decide who is most compatible with you and your needs as every agent’s skillset and commitment vary significantly.

Be wary of agents that overprice your property. This is a common tactic used to impress and try and win your business. Ask that agent directly how they plan to achieve that price with supporting evidence including comparable sales.

A good agent will also go through with you the selling process and how they will negotiate with each potential buyer. Remember, it’s the process, not the promise of a price that will get you the result that you are looking for.

Managing the process effectively is a critical skill that ultimately effects the final sale price of your property. if you would like any further guidance, don’t hesitate to give me a ring. Otherwise, happy hunting, thanks for watching and bye for now.”


21st August 2017



Andrew Cook