Real Estate

The term ‘Real Estate’ is commonly misconstrued; the phrase real estate describes property comprised of land and the buildings on it, as well as the natural resources of the land, including uncultivated flora and fauna, farmed crops and livestock, water and minerals.

Although the media predominantly speaks of the “real estate market” when discussing residential living, real estate can actually be grouped into three broad categories based on its use: residential, commercial and industrial.

At Mint360property, we can can help you with all three categories.

What about real estate agents?

‘Real Estate Agents’ are licensed professionals who represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Most agents work for a real estate broker or realtor, who has additional training and extra certifications. Agents usually work completely on commission, so their income depends on their ability to assist clients and close transactions.

It’s important to note that Mint360property is not a real estate agency. We’re a property firm.

When we think about property, we think full circle, big picture, 360 degrees. We call this the 360 degree evolution, as we cater to the whole property experience across six key services.

No matter what stage you’re at in the property cycle, you want expert advice and support to make it happen. That’s where we come in. We’ve built our business on 20 years of success in the Eastern Suburbs market, and collectively our team offer 150 years of industry experience.

What’s the difference between a real estate agency and a property firm?

A traditional real estate agency puts a property at the centre of its circle. From there they then go on to market the property, arrange inspections, pass on offers received, negotiate, collect rent, arrange repairs, select tenants, seek out and introduce buyers, and liaise with legal representatives.

At Mint360property, we do all of this, but with a difference. We put YOU at the centre of the circle.

Property is our absolute passion, but we know that in order to get property right, we must focus on something far more important – you. You’re the most important aspect of any property project! We’re here to ensure that your dreams and your needs are meet every step of the way.

About our services

Mint360property has a team of professional, educated staff that are able to deliver a range of real estate services to our clients, which include:

  • Sales
  • Property management
  • Project marketing
  • Commercial/Retail sales and management
  • Wealth management
  • Finance

Mint360property continues to build its vast pool of industry knowledge, providing clients with expert advice to best suit their individual needs.

Our Directors

Craig Sewell is the Foundation Director for Mint360property, and he holds the record for selling the most expensive house in Maroubra. Having sold shopping centres for up to $15 million, he’s the guy you want on your side when selling property.

Craig started at the bottom – as a leasing agent – but has since sold nearly $1 billion worth of property. As you can imagine, he’s become a skilled negotiator with all this practice, and has learned to deliver outstanding customer service. An Eastern Suburbs man himself, he knows what it is to live, work and breathe in the spectacular region.

Director Arthur Perdis is an absolute visionary. He has a unique way of thinking about and planning for the future, using both his imagination and wisdom. He’s always coming up with original ideas, and wears his creative hat wherever he goes. Without a doubt, he’s one of the reasons why Mint360property is changing the shape of Sydney’s real estate industry.

Our staff

Our sales team, property management team and administration team are highly driven and enthusiastic about all things property. We are proud of each and every one of our team members, who all possess the qualities we believe are required to be successful in real estate.

All our staff exhibit:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Proactivity
  • Good listening skills
  • Client motivated behaviours
  • Time awareness
  • Friendliness
  • Knowledge about the local area
  • Organisation
  • Tenacity
  • Honesty
  • Hardworking philosophy

When you arrive at our office, you’ll be met by our friendly reception staff, whose warm smiles will instantly tell you you’ve made the right choice by choosing Mint360property.

What you can expect

Whether you are selling your home, thinking about selling your home, looking to buy an investment property, or needing to rent one out, we believe it’s crucial you choose the right real estate agent to help.

At Mint360property, we’re so much more than just real estate agents. We’re passionate about the Eastern Suburbs, and pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to buying, selling and renting here.

If you’re looking for a property firm you can trust, Mint360Property is it. Contact us today and we’ll help you with all of your real estate needs.