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How Much is my Home Worth in Newtown?

On October 15, 2018, the median price for a house in Newtown was $1,400,500. On the same date, the median price of a unit was $666,000. To date, there has been 136 houses sold and 66 units sold this year. Of all the unit sales 44 were 1 bedroom apartments. The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio rates an investment in a house as above average and a unit as good. An above average suggests there are marginally more buyers than vendors but only just. Sellers are usually getting there asking price.
The 12-month capital growth in Newtown is at -4.08% for houses and -8.66% for units. The average annual capital growth is 8.32% for houses and 7.76% for units. It takes on average approximately 52 days to sell a unit and 44 days to sell a house.
House prices and weekly rent returns in Newtown

  • 2 bedroom house $1,263,750 Rent per week $720
  • 3 bedroom house $1,482,000 Rent per week $900
  • 4 bedroom house $1,580,000 Rent per week $1195

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Newtown

  • 1 bedroom unit $625,000 Rent per week $490
  • 2 bedroom unit $922,000 Rent per week $675
  • 3 bedroom unit No Data Rent per week $850

The gross rental yield is 2.90% for houses and 3.77% for units.

Free Real Estate Appraisal Newtown

Real estate appraisal Newtown NSW 2042
Are you contemplating selling your home or unit? Or, do you own an investment property you want to know the market value? Our property appraisal team provides a free property appraisal of homes, units or land. We base our market price on recent sales history. We also factor in the location of schools, shops and amenities. We will present a professional report as to the current value of your home.

Free Rental Appraisal Newtown

Are you moving and want to rent ou your home? Or, do you own an investment property and need the services of a property manager? Our property management team manage multiple properties. The will give you a free and accurate appraisal of your expected weekly rental return. Our staff use the latest software to perform routine inspections, collect the rental fee and maintain your property. Each landlord receives full tax accounting documentation in a format of your choice.

Property Valuation Newtown

Are you aware there is a difference between a property appraisal and a property valuation? If for some legal reason you need your property valued then you must engage the services of a registered valuer. This service will come with a see. Appraisals can be performed by a licenced real estate agent. In this case, our appraisers will do this for free.

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Real estate appraisal Randwick

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