Real Estate Appraisal Carlingford NSW 2118

How Much is my Home Worth Carlingford?

As of October 30, 2017 the median price for a house in Carlingford was $1,435,000. The median price of a unit was $720,000. There has been 150 houses and 133 units sold this year. Of the unit sales 98 were 2 bedrooms. The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio rates an investment in a house as good and a unit as above average. What this suggests is that buying property in Carlingford is a good investment. Both types of properties are attracting more buyers than there on the market. Sellers are getting the price they are advertising and this is driving the average for capital growth ahead of the national mark.

The 12 month capital growth in Carlingford is at 12.40% for houses and -4.81% for units. The average annual capital growth is 9.96% for houses and 5.95% for units. It takes on average approximately 56 days to sell your home. The gross rental yield is 2.15% for houses and 3.93% for units.

House prices and weekly rent returns in Carlingford

  • 2 bedroom house No Data Rent per week $450
  • 3 bedroom house $1,300,000 Rent per week $580
  • 4 bedroom house $1,550,000 Rent per week $680

Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Carlingford

  • 1 bedroom unit No Data Rent per week $450
  • 2 bedroom unit $690,000 Rent per week $500
  • 3 bedroom unit $885,000 Rent per week $600

Free Real Estate Appraisal Carlingford

Real estate appraisal Carlingford NSW 2118
Are you going to sell your home in Carlingford? Or, do you want to know the market price of your property? Our sales agents offer free property appraisals on land, units, apartments, townhouses and houses. Once we know the property’s location we will base our estimation on its proximity to schools, shops and amenities. We also include the recent sales history of the area. We have a database of potential buyers that are looking to invest in or live in homes in Carlingford. This can save time on your sale if you need to sell in a hurry.

Free Rental Appraisal Carlingford

Have you just purchased an investment property and need a rental manager? Or, are you vacating your current home and want to lease it? Our property management team will give you a free and accurate rental appraisal. We can discuss the length of the rental and the type of tenant you wish to have lease your home. This will determine your expected weekly rent return together with the homes location to amenities, schools and shops. We work very closely with all our owners and maximise their return on investment. You lose 2% of your annual return each week your property is vacant. We can access our database of potential tenants to find a quick match. This can save time and money on advertising the property for rent.

7th November 2017


Craig Sewell