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How Much is My Home Worth in Bexley NSW

The latest property data released on September 11, 2017 had the median price of a house in Bexley at $1,282,500. The median price for a unit at the same date was $699,275. In the year 2017 there has been 139 house sales and 58 unit sales. The average days on the market to sell a 3 bedroom house is 72 days and for a 4 bedroom house it is 31 days. In comparison it takes 42 days to sell a unit. The Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR has houses as above average and units are ranked as good. In both cases there are more buyers than sellers. Vendors are usually getting the advertised price for their property.

The 12 month capital growth for houses is at 17.2% and 4.01% for units. The average annual capital growth for houses is 9.76% and for units it is 7.12%. Expect capital growth for real estate in Bexley to stay in front of the national average.

House prices and weekly rent returns in Bexley

  • 2 bedroom house $1,091,000 Rent per week $500
  • 3 bedroom house $1,265,000 Rent per week $600
  • 4 bedroom house $1,345,000 Rent per week $700
  • Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Bexley

  • 1 bedroom unit No Data Rent per week $393
  • 2 bedroom unit $625,000 Rent per week $450
  • 3 bedroom unit $850,000 Rent per week $598
  • Free Real Estate Appraisal Bexley NSW

    Real estate appraisal Bexley NSW 2207Do you want to know the value or market price of your house or unit? Our sales agents perform free property appraisals that give you an accurate estimation as to the value of your home. Each property is different and the final price is based on its locale to shops, schools, public transport and recent sales history.

    Free Rental Appraisal Bexley NSW

    Have you purchased an investment property and require the services of a property manager? Or, are you moving and want to rent out your home? Our property management team offer free rental appraisals to determine your expected weekly rent return. We manage multiple properties in the region and utilise the latest software to ensure your investment gains its fullest return. We like to meet with the owner to find out if the property is long or short term and the type of tenant preferred. All this criteria will be matched against our database of potential tenants. If a match is found then this can save on a lot of money advertising the property for rent. All our tenants are screened for security purposes.

    Recently Sold Homes in Bexley

    Browse our list of recently sold property in Bexley.
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