Preparing your property for sale

In this instalment of Real Real Estate Advice, Sales Executive Kiki Bermudez talks about how to prepare your property for sale.

Kiki’s key information from the video can be summarised in the below dot points:

  • Ensure the exterior of your property gives off a good first impression
  • Declutter and clean the inside as much as possible
  • Remove any personal items to help buyers imagine themselves living there
  • Fix up any blemishes, cracks or faulty fixtures and fittings
  • Utilise practical styling to present the home in a functional way

If you have any questions regarding your property, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Below is the full transcript of Kiki talking about preparing your home for sale:


“Hi, I’m Kiki Bermudez from Mint360property, and welcome to another instalment of Real Real Estate Advice. Now my clients often come to me asking me for advice as to how to best present their properties for sale. If you have ever wondered the same thing, here are my key principles as to how to present your property at its best.

Firstly, you need to consider what kind of first impression your property is giving. Remember, you only have one chance at this, so you need to get it right. Make sure the exterior of the property is clean, the gardens are manicured, the lawn is mowed, driveways and pathways pressure washed. Do whatever it takes.

Inside the property it is important that you declutter and clean as much as possible. This will make the property feel bright, fresh, more spacious and inviting. It’s very important that you allow your buyers to imagine themselves living there, so be sure to remove any personal items such as family photos.

Buyers tend to look for reasons why they shouldn’t buy your property, they tend to exclude versus include, so give them as few excuses as possible by fixing up minor blemishes, scuff marks, cracks, fixtures and fittings, if there is anything broken, just make it right.

To appeal to the largest range of buyers possible, utilise practical styling to present your home how people would want it rather than how you might have used it. For example, replace the gym equipment in the second bedroom with appropriate furniture. Just paint the picture.

If you’d like to talk further about taking your property from living condition to selling condition or for me to introduce you to a phenomenal stylist that we utilise, feel free to give me a ring as I’d be all to happy to help.

Thank you so much for watching and bye for now.”


29th September 2017



Andrew Cook