Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Get your garden ready for the coming winter season

With winter approaching and temperatures beginning to dip, it’s time to think about what our gardens will require to prepare for the chilly mornings and rainy days ahead. Preparing your garden for the winter is simple and will ensure that you have the best opportunity of enjoying vibrant blooms in the spring. Here are a few suggestions for this weekend.

Mulch replenishment
Although activity in your garden may appear to have slowed in the cooler months, there is still a lot going on beneath the surface. Plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs all have developing roots that extract nutrients from the earth. It’s a good idea to top off any mulch you may have put during the summer. While it helps to keep the soil warm, it also helps to maintain temperatures consistent.

Taking care of your lawn
It’s also a good idea to renew your grass in preparation for the cooler months, and here are some helpful hints. Aerating your lawn improves drainage and ensures that winter rains reach the roots. Turf can become compacted with time, so using the prongs of a garden fork, which you can buy secondhand online if you don’t already have one, is one simple way to produce deep holes across the entire lawn.

After aerating, give your grass a healthy feed so it can establish itself before next summer and nutrients may travel freely inside the soil.

Weeds are less prevalent.
Gather all the weeds you can. I’ve seen a lot of people just pull a weed out of the ground and call it a day. Imagining those long, deep tap roots or branched, spread out fibrous roots that may live to see another day makes me wince. Digging the plant out by the roots, on the other hand, will weaken it and render it vulnerable to winter weather. That’s a positive development.

Wisely select your plants
If you’re revamping your yard, now is a wonderful time to think about plant and flower options. Camellias are a great choice because they flower for nearly six months a year in the correct conditions. If you have potted plants, now is a good time to think about their placement in the yard and, if possible, relocate them to a spot in the garden that will get more sunlight.

Garden equipment should be well-maintained.
Consider giving your lawnmower and gardening tools a ‘spring clean’ before storing them in the shed to ensure that they are in good working order for when you next need them.

Sharpen your shears and secateurs, then wash and dry your shovels and garden forks to avoid corrosion. Remove grass clippings from under your mower and clean it thoroughly.

Adding a splash of colour is a great way to make a statement.
Don’t let the bleak winter days rob your garden of vitality. It’s the ideal time to brighten up your garden beds and hanging pots. Pansies and violas are excellent flowers for chilly weather and can brighten up your backyard or patio. It’s also a good idea to speak with your local nursery to find out what’s best for your location.

Cleaning up your yard and paying extra attention to your garden can help it deal better during the winter months and be ready to delight you with fresh growth when the weather warms up.

11th March 2022