Kitchen Creations To Suit Your Lifestyle

What type of kitchen will suit your lifestyle?

The kitchen is an integral part of any house or apartment. It doesn’t matter if you are single, living with friends, have a partner or a family the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home. The majority of houses and units these days are generally open plan that combines the kitchen with the living room.

Your lifestyle will play a large part in the setup of your kitchen that reflects your personality. Some of us eat out regularly and prefer a simple and efficient kitchen space. Then there are others who love to entertain and want all the appliances on hand in preparing for their feasts.

Breakfast Counter Tops

The one meal that is routine is breakfast and this should be at the top of your list if you are designing or redesigning your kitchen. Your breakfast counter, bar or eating island is where most people gather each morning. Some want to engage vocally with other attendees and some want to catch up with the latest news and sports via their mobile devices. So, including a few power points would seem like a good idea.
A good idea is also having the height of your breakfast a little higher than the average table height. Add some stools that swivel, a plant or two, some recipe books and some fruit. Some handy appliances would include a toaster, juicer and coffee maker. Depending on your space you could add a sink into your counter that also houses the dishwasher. Having all these items at hand gives people more independence to serve themselves. When I talk about people I mean the kids. They have no excuse to prepare their own breakfast and tidy up after they have finished.

Kitchen lifestyles

Entertainer Lover

If you are the type that loves to have guests around for brunches or main meals then an open plan kitchen that leads to an outdoor patio is the best solution. Also, you will need plenty of space and furniture to seat everyone. A large wide benchtop is also a good idea for people to gather around and rest their plates and glasses. Incorporate easy-to-clean surfaces, a warming drawer, a set of good speakers and some mood lighting. If you can having a walk-in pantry will help you a lot and a large fridge and freezer. And to top off all your appliances use a double oven and dishwasher. A second sink will also help solve some cleaning issues. To finish off your entertainer’s kitchen a drinks station would be a great addition.


If cooking is your passion and inviting guests to eat then you will never be short of appliances that will help you. Similar to the “entertainer lover” we recommend a double oven, two sinks with a hose tap and a large fridge and freezer. These are essential. The layout should have a flow that incorporates food preparation to cooking and eventually cleaning. A good idea is to visit some restaurants and ask the chefs how their ideal kitchen would look.

You will also need cutting boards with a sharp set of knives as you don’t want to be cutting and carving on your benchtop. But we think the most essential appliance of all is having a gas stove and oven. With gas you can use all types of cookware and gas responds rapidly to heat increase and decrease. Finally, it looks good when a boiling pot is cooking over it.

Kitchen Tidy Tina

Kitchen tidy
Cupboard space is what you require if you are a bit of a neat freak. Most tidy people as also minimalists so having lots of cupboards and drawers are a must.m Inside your cupboard space you will want to compartmentalise your items. This can be for food, pots and pans, spices, crockery and so on.

There are so many space-saving ideas out there. Just type in Google “kitchen space savers” and you will literally see thousands of useful image ideas. We particularly like the soap and cleaners in front of the sink. This is generally a small space that is never used but someone clever thought to make use of this space and incorporate a neat cleaner housing.

23rd October 2020


Peter Farrell