Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – January 2018

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday season, and have had a great start to 2018. I certainly enjoyed my break, spending a few days in the US and three weeks in Colombia experiencing its colour and beauty, and spending time with my family there. I am now getting my year started with several properties going live as the market gets back into full swing heading into February. As is usually the case, auction clearance rates have started low due to a very small number of properties on the market, e.g. for the weekend of 20th January 2018 reported a 50% auction clearance rate for the 26 properties scheduled for auction. This is not a true depiction of the market just yet, due to the few properties on the market at present as is commonplace until after the Australia Day weekend. Early enquiry levels on our properties have been strong, so our expectation is that things should pick up from where they left off last year with solid buyer activity driving an active but not overcharged market.

As usual, the Reserve Bank took a break from its monthly monetary policy meeting in January; but turning to the most recent economic information put out by the analysts and there is a wave of positivity about both the global and Australian economies. 2017 saw strong growth around the world, and employment numbers in Australia had a very strong finish to the year, both in jobs created and the participation rate. The Australian dollar also strengthened in December and January, hitting US$0.80, which may well become a factor for the RBA as it considers cash rate changes in 2018.

As always, regardless of what happens in the property market, I hope you have a great year personally and I look forward to continuing my relationship with you whether your property goals are to move home, buy or sell an investment property or simply give your own home an update.


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5th February 2018



Kiki Bermudez