How To Create An Outdoor Kitchen

Designing Your Alfresco Entertainment Area

As summer approaches it might be time to consider how you utilise your outdoor space as an entertaining space. A carefully designed “outdoor” kitchen is a great place to engage with your family and friends. Here we offer some suggestions that might help you in the planning and design of your cookhouse.

Make a layout for your outdoor kitchen.

Consider how you’ll use the area and make plans appropriately. While the amount of space you have will impact a lot, the cooking or barbecue area and the table or seating area are the next items to think about. Heading to a Barbecues Galore or any other bby retailer, where an app can do the heavy lifting for you, is one simple method to arrange your cooking area.

Choosing an end-to-end service outdoor kitchen can relieve you of a lot of the hard lifting and organisation on your end, such as project management, product ordering, and installation.

What are the appliances you’ll require?

Outdoor kitchens may be as large or as little as you want them to be. It’s all feasible, whether you just want a grill and a table or a whole kitchen in your backyard. There are wok burners, refrigerators, and sinks to choose from. Even the most basic BBQ may have a variety of features you never thought.
You may entirely customise the standard model barbeque so that it isn’t simply for cooking chops and sausages. It’s quite easy to turn it into an outdoor oven. So you can perform roasts, bake, utilise add-ons like smoker boxes to give smokey flavours to your meal, or use rotisseries. All of the choices are available as add-ons.
It’s critical that the room is useful and that it fits the user’s lifestyle. If you prefer to cook outside, you’ll never have to cook indoors again.

Make sure the area is covered.

One of the most crucial features is a covered area. As a result, you’ll be able to use the area throughout the year. It will keep your kitchen cleaner, extending the life of your appliances and protecting your outside furnishings.

While excellent outdoor kitchen goods will not rust and should come with a generous guarantee, providing shade will provide additional protection for you and your visitors while also extending the life of your outdoor kitchen.

Make sure the walls are open.

While above protection is necessary, there must be enough open area for walls. Barbecue areas must be thoroughly ventilated according to regulations, and if this is not the case in your location, installation may be delayed. You must have at least 50% permanently exposed wall portions to be a compliant environment for outdoor gas appliances. For example, having blinds counts as being permanently closed.

Make sure you have adequate outdoor lighting.

Outdoor gathering spaces aren’t simply for usage during the day. It must be used whenever you need to cook, thus appropriate illumination is required. If you do a lot of nighttime entertaining, you’ll want mood lighting to set the mood, but you’ll also want decent lighting around the barbeque so you can see what you’re cooking and avoid overcooking it.

Think about your guests.

Finally, the purpose of an outdoor kitchen should be to eliminate the need to move back and forth between the interior and the outside, especially when entertaining. An outdoor kitchen should provide you with more than just the ability to cook in one location; it should also provide you with storage space and other features. Consider having a sink, a beverage refrigerator, and the ability to turn around from your grill and walk right to your eating area.

We all know how much people like a good yarn over the grill, so why should you be excluded just because you’re cooking?

18th November 2021


Peter Farrell