Hamptons Style Bedrooms and Bathrooms

What is the Hamptons style?

Typically a Hamptons styled interior is bright, light and white. It is a combination of sophistication combined with a coastal beach spirit and soul. The intent of this type of styling is to give the tenant or guest a relaxing and calming feeling.

Over the past few years, the Hamptons style of homes has become incorporated into the design of Australian homes. This is in part due to their laid back, fresh feel and summery vibe.

The interior of the Hampton interiors are roomy and spacious and give the impression you are in a holiday home at the beach. They are great entertaining homes. You could say the Hamptons design is the Americans version of the French inspired Baroque style.

Hamptons Style Bathroom

hamptons style bathroom
Hamptons-style bathrooms are a neutral colour such as white, grey or black and white. Hampton’s bathrooms are classic, elegant and timeless. With the addition of coloured towels and bathroom accessories, a new look can be achieved.

  • Subway Tiles – These are generally white or marble.
  • Marble – Marble or natural stone is used for tiling, countertops or both. Marble tiles can be applied in various shapes such as hexagonal, basketweave and herringbone.
  • Vanity – A Hamptons-style vanity is usually custom-built with a shaker style profile on the doors and drawers. Cabinet knobs or pulls are more often chrome or nickel-plated.
  • Sconce Lighting – Sconce lights are usually mounted on either side of the mirror or on the mirror itself.
  • Wall Panelling – Walls, or sections of, can be panelled or sometimes wallpapered.
  • Neutral Colours – Hamptons-style bathrooms are a neutral colour such as white, grey or black and white.
  • Tapware – Tapware is generally chrome or nickel-plated and traditional in style.

Walls, or sections of, are often panelled or sometimes wallpapered.  The bath is sometimes set in the middle of the bathroom and clad in marble. Or, it is set aside to one corner on 4 feet.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

Hamptons style bedroom
In Hampton’s style bedroom, you will need lots of layers of linen and cotton plus quite a few pillows. The room itself will be dominated by white ceilings and walls or light pastel shades of blue. The bedhead will be a padded crisscrossed pattern. At the end of the bed will be a flat cushioned 2 seater. On the walls, you can add some small simple wall no frame hangings of shells. A beige coloured carpet will cover your floor. In a corner, there can be a small armchair with a cushion. The room will also have an open walk-in robe. The room will also have one or two small leafy green plants. Hanging from the ceiling will be a small yet imposing chandelier.

These bedrooms are designed to be minimalistic in a way but give the feel of cosy comfort and space.

  • The Bed – A large bed and upholstered bedhead with ocean views where possible.
  • Textiles – Lots of layers of linen and cotton. White in all its shades and perhaps some blue tones
  • Lighting – Combine directional lighting, bedside lamps or a statement chandelier
  • Wall Art – Frameless paintings or prints of seashells in pastel colours
  • Furnishings – Small armchairs and end of bed seating
  • Flooring – Light coloured woollen carpet or a large woollen floor mat
  • Balcony Doors – Double opening Venetian style doors

13th October 2020


Peter Farrell