Engaging A Real Estate Property Stylist

Should you use a property stylist to sell your home?

With autumn just around the horizon, individuals considering placing their property on the market during the conventional peak selling season should be knee-deep in the process of getting it ready to sell. But, in a competitive market where homes sell in days, is it really worthwhile to spend money on designing your home?

Investing in property style adds value to a home whether the market is favourable or not. Property style is to make people feel emotionally linked to your house.

With so many of us spending more time at home these days, a home with the latest in home design and a light and airy interior is quite appealing to a buyer. It is more important than ever to have a well-staged home because some purchasers may only be able to see the property through internet portals.

Having images of empty rooms does not do the property justice; buyers are unable to determine the dimensions of the room or how they can live in or utilise the space, therefore renting furniture is a wonderful method to do this. Buyers exploring property portals can evaluate if a home is worth further inspection in a handful of seconds.

People are focusing on the stunning design and taking three to four seconds to assess whether a property is worth looking at online. You’re selling them on the idea of living in this house.

Styling not only draws more people to your house, but it also attracts people who are a good fit for it. You can appeal to the correct buyer demographics through styles, such as CEOs, families, or downsizers. You may truly target the buyers and appeal to them by presenting the house in a specific way and in a desirable fashion with suitable kinds of furnishings.

Another thing a property stylist may do is highlight the home’s greatest features. A skilled property stylist knows how to bring out the greatest qualities of your home. Whether the finest feature of the property is its view or its location, whether it’s a historic home or a warehouse-type residence, we can style it to call attention to these features and unconsciously improve the property’s appeal.

A professional property stylist can also divert people’s attention away from a home’s less appealing features. We can occasionally divert people’s attention away from unsightly locations. A home with an older vintage style kitchen is an example. People may attempt to conceal it, but with the appropriate style, it may be revealed in the perfect light.

It’s possible that a colour or pattern used in the kitchen can be applied throughout the house. Property style may also add value by transforming areas that might otherwise be unusable into valuable regions. It may be constructing a study area, a second living room, or displaying the bedrooms in the best possible light. Essentially, it’s about presenting regions in such a manner that the customer can see both form and function.

According to Wilson, Australian buyers want to see homes for sale that are styled, therefore failing to do so might lose you money, regardless of market circumstances. Buyers want well-presented houses, so hire a professional property stylist if you want a higher sale price.

The cost of decorating a home varies based on the scope of the project and the size of the property, but it often ranges from $3000 to $8000. However, hairdressers claim that the investment pays off. When you consider that the average style work costs between $3000 and $8000, it’s more of an investment than an expenditure when you consider the entire value it adds to the sale price.

Using some of the newest design trends, such as the use of colours in furniture and homewares, as well as on-trend style upgrades, may help a home seem its best. Light pastels, such as delicate pinks and greens, are popular for spring in both bathrooms and kitchens.

At the moment, earthy tones, textured materials, and neutral colours are all quite popular. So is the Japandi aesthetic, which is essentially scandi but with black furnishings. Clean, crisp, modern minimal aesthetic, on the other hand, is always a hit and has a wide appeal.

In addition to designing a house, upgrading and cleaning it up, including decluttering, increases value in all markets. If you want top money, make sure the house is spotless, newly painted, the gardens are manicured, the floors are scrubbed, and the property is styled.

16th December 2021


Peter Farrell