Be like Bailey – the client story

You may or may not have seen ‘Bailey’ around our brand recently. Who is this mysterious Bailey? Are they a new staff member? Well, we now have the answers.

No. Bailey isn’t a new staff member, in fact Bailey isn’t really any one person in particular. Bailey is a representation of all our clients.

Bailey is a property investor, a first home buyer, a landlord, a home seller and finance client.  They are the people at the centre of the Mint360property vision and the focus of all of our staff. We partner in success with Bailey each and every day and strive to exceed their expectations.

Bailey is all of the clients we have helped to achieve their property goals, all of those who we are still helping today and those we will help in the future.

The best part of this story is that YOU can be like Bailey too. To find out how, contact our dedicated team to discuss your property ambitions and how we can help you achieve them.

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Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook is the brand passionate Marketing Manager for Mint360property. With a background in design, Andrew has an eye for detail and a creative flair that allows him to create interesting concepts, ideas and campaigns. Working previously for a real estate franchise company as Marketing & Design Coordinator, Andrew brings 6 years of real estate marketing and branding experience and looks to take the skills he has learnt into an office environment to grow the brand recognition in and around the Eastern Suburbs area.

26th May 2016


Andrew Cook