9 big ideas for small bathrooms

When it comes to complaints about a living space, poorly designed, small and pokey bathrooms and ensuites are a popular gripe. If this is something you find yourself experiencing, it might be time to make some changes to your bathroom to remedy the problem. These following nine ideas will help you make the most of the available space and improve the functionality and usability of your bathroom zone.

1. Exploit vertical space

Install high vertical cabinets or high shelving to make the most out of all available space. Above the toilet is a great example of space that is often underutilised which is great for placing rows of open shelving or high cabinets.

2. Wall mounted toilet & tapware

Create less visual clutter by wall mounting the toilet and hiding the cistern inside the wall. Do the same with your tapware to allow for a narrower vanity.


3. Door selection

Inward swinging doors render valuable floor and wall space unusable. If you can install a cavity style or bi-fold door, do so and reap the benefits of this newly claimed space.

4. Shower-bath combo

If your bathroom is a little crowded with both a shower and separate bath, one way to create more space is to combine the two. You will still have the luxury of a soak, the practicality of the shower and more space in your bathroom to move around in or utilise for storage.


5. Recessed cabinets and niches

Utilising the space in the walls is an excellent way to create storage spaces without intruding into the bathroom. Recessed cabinets above the vanity are a great idea, while recessed niches in a small shower means shelving won’t get in your way whilst washing.

6. Mirror, mirror

Using mirrors is a common tactic to create a sense of greater space in any room and the bathroom is no different. Large frameless mirrors help create a greater sense of depth, or go one further and create an entire mirror wall to enhance the illusion.

7. Feature glass

Opting for a glass shower screen, particularly frameless ones, will reduce the visual clutter in your bathroom. The result will be an open airy feel where the shower zone blends seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom.


8. Cantilevered vanity

Extending the floor space underneath the bathroom vanity not only makes the space feel larger, but also reduces the ‘weight’ the vanity carries to the eye.

9. Colour palette

It is no secret that designers use white in tight rooms to help create the illusion of spaciousness. Opting for a white colour scheme will bring a fresh, bright feeling to the room. You don’t need to sacrifice personality either. Use different tile textures or add pops of colour to liven up the white base.




22nd May 2017



Andrew Cook