8 tips to enhance your compact kitchen space

Whether you are designing a kitchen from scratch or updating your current one, it is important to consider how to make the most of your space, especially when it’s at a premium. The following 8 tips will help the heart of your home work better for you.

  1. Cabinets & cupboards
    Utilise above and below the kitchen bench with cabinets and cupboards, reaching as high as the ceiling if possible. Consider replacing solid doors with glass panelled ones which allow the eye to travel through to the back of the cupboard. This not only reduces the heavy look of the cabinets, but makes the kitchen appear deeper and larger than it is. Keep in mind that overcrowded cabinets will block the eye and look cluttered.


  1. Strategic paint
    By painting the cupboards and cabinets the same colour as the walls allows the space to blend seamlessly without any jarring visual boundaries. Opt for a neutral colour palette. Pale shades, like white, will lighten and enlarge the kitchen, but don’t be afraid of the other end of the spectrum either. Dark, deep tones, like black or navy, makes the walls recede, appearing further back then they are.
  1. Low impact furnishings
    In a small kitchen space, it is important to select the right kind of furnishings that won’t steal space worth more than their function. When buying stools, chairs, kitchen islands or tables, select slim, streamlined versions. Opt for furniture with thin legs and bases that won’t take up too much floor space or create visual bulk.


  1. Clever storage
    By planning your storage spaces with custom solutions, you can utilise all the available space for your kitchen items. Often narrow nooks and crannies that are generally unused spaces, like next to the fridge, can be the perfect place to store slimline and small items like chopping boards or spices. Utilise the space inside the walls if you can by recessing shelves between wall studs, making them flush with the wall.
  1. Minimalist design
    Go for clean lines and minimal designed cabinetry and accessories to create a sleek and smooth feel. Ornate designs and chunky accessories like handles and tapware can pull focus and overcrowd the space. In-built appliances are also a great way to achieve a neater look. If you are buying new appliances, go for compact versions that can be integrated into your cabinetry and consider finishing them with the same panelling as the cupboards.
  1. Shelving
    Open shelving, especially floating shelves, create a sense of openness and an illusion of greater space. Narrow shelves and ledges can be installed in otherwise unused spaces to create a functional storage area.
  1. Cull & hide
    Do a stocktake of your kitchen items and appliances and decide which ones you need to have on the bench ready to use, ones you can hide away and those you can throw out. By limiting what you have displayed on your kitchen bench you will reduce the overcrowded and cluttered feeling whilst providing you with more bench space to use when cooking.


  1. Let there be light
    Natural light helps any living space feel larger, so keep any windows into the kitchen free from complicated treatments, or remove them entirely. You want as much sun streaming in as possible. If you don’t have a window in the kitchen, look for clever and bright lighting solutions that give an even and consistent wash of light.

Taking the time to consider and plan how to optimise your compact kitchen space will not only make it a more functional and enjoyable zone, but will also add value to your property in the long run.


12th May 2017



Andrew Cook