5 Tips to Beautify Your Backyard

The outdoor space of your home can play many roles. It can exist as an extension of your home, as well as a tranquil space designed for relaxation. Or, perhaps you use outside to entertain, filling it with friends and family. Whatever the purpose, it’s simpler than ever to rework your outdoor space into the one you’ve always wanted.

There are so many simple ways that you can maximize your backyard, and many require very little time or effort. When conducting research however, the space can be overwhelming. To help you out, we have collated some of our favourite ideas, designed to help you beautify your backyard.

Give Your Deck A Facelift

Come warm weather, your deck becomes the combination of many rooms: a living room, a dining room, even a kitchen. It becomes a space where life happens. In saying this, time and effort should be spent ensuring your hardwood deck is always looking it’s best. The key to creating an effortless outdoor space, is investing in a system that has the ease of maintenance – like a wooden deck. They are easy to clean, weatherproof and durable – which means less time worrying and more time enjoying.

Plant A Vertical Herb Garden

Being short on space does not mean sacrificing greenery. A vertical garden, often known as a ‘wall of life’ is a great way to incorporate foliage into your yard, even when you’re spatially challenged. Starting a herb garden is a great way to be practical about your gardening, and even better, it can be started with two things: well drained soil and sunlight. It’s a practical (and delicious) alternative to a fully landscaped garden.

Go Natural With Stone

By incorporating an irregular flat stone pattern, a hardscape space featuring gorgeous stoneworks offers more benefits. Not only does stone break up the lines of the architecture, but it also provides large and flat areas for furniture to be placed. It is weatherproof, durable and will last for seasons to come. With this being said, stone is heavy, meaning you’ll need to seek professional help to get it into place.

Consider A Courtyard

A good courtyard can mean a number of things for your yard: they’re cute, quaint and always beautiful, with a grander importance. Historically, they were made as meeting places and today, they represent an external sanctuary close to home. Courtyards are also versatile. They can be filled with furniture, cooking materials, or even transformed into a sports court. Whichever direction you choose however, when trying to maximize space, be sure to seek advice from a landscaper.

Opt For Irrigation

In the unpredictability of an Australian climate, a well functioning irrigation system can be extremely beneficial. For starters, they utilize a network of sensors delivering water straight to your garden. This minimizes waste and makes use of recycled water. They also deliver water where it’s needed the most, diminishing costs and giving your grass a bit of TLC. Green grass is the dream for many homeowners, particularly those who take pride in the appearance of their backyard. Upgrading your sprinkler system could be the thing that sets your garden apart.

7th August 2017



Andrew Cook