5 Outdoor Firepit Styles and Ideas

5 Awesome Firepits For Your Backyard

The Aussie bush TV is alive and well.

Add a warm feeling to your patio or decking.┬áThere are multiple designs and ideas to choose from if you are contemplating purchasing a firepit. There is something about an open fire that people “warm” too. They are great for outdoor gatherings and they enhance the value of any property.

Not all firepits are designed to burn wood. You can also use gas bottles to power your outdoor fire or even pipe a line from your existing gas supply.

Curved Concrete Firepit Bowl

curved fire place outdoor
This elegant bowl illuminates even the most average outdoor space.

Concrete fire bowls are very durable. You can either physically create your fire or use gas to run the fireplace. Either way, you will have an elegant appliance in your yard. Sit back and enjoy the flames while you stare at the stars.

Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit

outdoor portable bonfire
This is a minimalist designed stainless steel design firepit specifically engineered to minimize smoke. This portable firepit weighs only 9 kilograms and comes with a carrying case so you can bring just about anywhere too. Stainless steel fire pits can be pricey but they are rain and rust-resistant and also easy to clean.

DIY Firepit

DIY outdoor fire place
Stack curved paving stones that require no mortar. You can add this to your patio, decking or patio to create a bonfire spot in just 30 minutes. However, you want to make sure the base is protected. You don’t want to burn through your deck.

Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

outdoor fire place table
If you rather go the propane route, try this weather-resistant table made with extruded aluminium features and an adjustable burner. Create an astonishing yet soothing indoor or outdoor atmosphere with the help of an ethanol fire table. Fireplace tables are a truly remarkable portable heat source. so, if you move house you can take it with you.

Stars and Moons Firepit

Outdoor portable fire pit
Cut-out star and moon shapes turn flickering flames into a cosmic campfire. These steel constructions can also come with a cooking grate, spark screen, and poker for hassle-free roasting. This type of firepit is a visual delight. They are also portable.

21st May 2020


Craig Sewell