5 Great Indoor Activities For kids

Homecraft Ideas and Activities for Stay at Home Kids

We suggest 5 ideas that can entertain your child whilst they are at home. You can also participate in the fun.

Taking Turns in Drawing
Home craft ideas for kids
This is a fun game that adults and kids can do together. Take turns in adding to the previous drawing. This is an interactive game that requires little equipment other than your imagination. Let your child’s creativity run wild and help them develop their own expressions.

Door Stoppers
Door stop
All you need is some cloth, rice, a ball of wool and a needle and thread. And for good measure, you can add some lavender for fragrance. Measure out the design you want. It can be sausage length or square. Add your name or image using the wool. Stitch it up and leave an opening to pour the rice into. Then stitch the final opening.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt indoors

You can create a list with little icons of items that are hidden around the house. For value, you may want to create a point system that gives the hard to find items more points. Have a reward for the most points.

Simple Origami
Origami is an excellent way of turning a piece of paper into a visual masterpiece. Here you can create a pretty butterfly in a few simple steps. Follow the video to see how.

We are in the age of technology. YouTube has some awesome channels that enable your child to develop their imagination. We have found one channel that offers multiple ideas called 5 Minute Crafts.

29th April 2020


Peter Farrell