5 Great Christmas Tree ideas For 2020

Ornaments That Will Brighten Up The Christmas Spirit

Christmas in Australia is a summer event. Even though the typical Christmas tree is decorated with items that reflect winter and snow it never stops Aussies from getting into the Christmas spirit. Even Santa is dressed for the cooler climates and his reindeers pull a snow sled. But not to worry we can bring the winter feel indoors and create some spectacular looking Christmas trees.

Here are 5 ideas on how you can decorate this year’s tree.

1. The Rainbow Christmas Treerainbow xmas tree
What will you need? Baubles, lots of baubles! Think of a rainbow and incorporate its colours. They are gold, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. For full effect have the gold baubles at the top and work your way down by finishing with pink. You don’t have to use all the colours. The order of colours you may want to use is gold, green, blue, red, purple and pink. At the bottom have a pot and surround it with all the presents. Place a gold star on top of the Christmas.

Using baubles is one way to create your rainbow and it will take a lot of baubles to get the desired effect. An alternative is to buy an already made rainbow Xmas tree or use the tinsel rope to create your own. Getting the kids and family members involved is a great idea in creating some excitement.






2. The Pom Pom Christmas Treepom xmas tree
This is a great looking Christmas tree and relatively cheap too make. You can buy pom poms from Etsy, Kmart or Officeworks online or you can make your own from wool. Frankie shows you a simple way to create pom poms. Or you may want to stick with the traditional Christmas tree and add your pom poms. This too is a great way to get the kids involved.











3. Event Calendar Christmas Treeevent claendar xmas tree
Count them down. Make your Christmas an interactive fun even by swapping out the numbered days to Christmas starting at 12. Or you can put all the 12 numbers on the tree and remove them as each day gets closer. And for bonus points, you can play the 12 Days of Christmas carol and sing along as the days get closer to Christmas Day.







4. Christmas Tree With The Lot with the lot xmas tree
Go all out and add as much colour and ornaments to your Christmas tree as possible. 2020 has been a strange year so let your imagination flow and get everyone involved to add their own flavour to your tree. You cannot lose with this one. Add baubles, ribbons, pom poms, stars, lights and colour. You wont be disappointed and everyone can share in its creation.











5. Aussie Eucalypt Christmas Treeaussie eucalypt xmas tree
Finally, if you want to really be creative you can take a branch from a eucalypt or gum tree or make your own Aussie Christmas tree. This can be very unique and effective. I did this one year and to be honest, it looked truly amazing. You can decorate the tree with lights and other ornaments. It’s up to your imagination.

Christmas is when family and friends gather to share presents, stories and food together. It is a great time to catch up as most people are on their Christmas break. Having a beautiful Christmas tree as a centrepiece in your home adds to the special times you can be with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas.

8th December 2020


Peter Farrell