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9 Useful Ideas For Everyday Household Items

Looking for things you can use around the home? Here are 9 novel ideas that you can easily use with household items you already have. 1. Vegetable Peelers There’s only one way to use a vegetable peeler, but it does […]

How To Disinfect Your Home

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean Now that the worlds attention is focussed on the Coronavirus more people are being educated on how fast a virus can spread. Statistics say the Coronavirus doubles every 4 days. With no known […]

Top 8 Bathroom Trends for 2020

Bathroom Ideas for the Designer and Renovator 1. His and her Private Vanity Mirror Divider A practical and very popular decor choice in many bathrooms as two sinks are better than one. With a double vanity set up, two people […]