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Which option is right for you – to rent or buy?

To rent or buy? For some, renting makes good financial sense. For others, it’s just money down the drain. For you it may be a question of short-term convenience versus long-term financial growth, which can make it a difficult decision […]

When is the right time to refinance an investment property?

Loan refinancing is a strategy used by property investors to access funds – usually to grow or improve the value of their property portfolio. The right time to do it largely depends on your strategy, plans and equity. In this […]

What is co-housing, and could it work for you?

Co-housing is a way of living that offers many benefits, especially for seniors. If the concept is unfamiliar, you may be conjuring up images of a 1970s hippy commune, but rest assured you won’t have to wear tie dye t-shirts […]

Autumn 2018 market wrap

As the weather cools, so too does the property market With Autumn drawing to a close and the Royal Commission continuing to cause ripples throughout the financial sector; banks are being exceptionally cautious with their lending, and this in turn […]

Finalist for the prestigious Real Estate Business Awards 2018

Mint360property has been shortlisted for the prestigious Real Estate Business Awards 2018. A local office covering Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is in the running to take out one of Australia’s most coveted industry awards. Mint360property has been shortlisted as a finalist in […]