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Kiki’s Monthly Market Update – May 2018

 As we close out May, the banking Royal Commission continues and banks appear to be exceptionally cautious as a result, with buyers finding it a challenge to get loans approved. This is contributing to us seeing properties selling for […]

Can a boarder help you pay your mortgage?

Are you thinking about buying a home and wondering how you’ll cover the mortgage repayments and still have a life? Remember Cousin Jimmy mentioning he was looking for a new pad? Sure, he’s a little ‘unusual’ with his back-scratcher collection […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in Property

When done right, investing in property can help you to build long-term wealth, and who doesn’t like the idea of an additional income stream? (Imagine what you could do with that!) The really great thing about property investing is that […]

Neat ideas for renovating a small home

Last year, the Federal Government introduced down-sizing incentives aimed at the baby-boomer set. Add this to rising capital city property prices that give just about everyone an incentive to cash-in on their big home, and it’s not surprising that more […]

PODCAST: Getting the best price when selling your property

The Smart Property Investment Show regularly looks at buying property, however on our latest episode we discuss the process of selling. Host Phil Tarrant is joined by Mint360property’s Kiki Bermudez who looks at the best way to maximise your sales […]

Real Estate Appraisal Mascot NSW 2020

How Much is my Home Worth in Mascot? On April 30, 2018, the median price for a house in Mascot was $1,400,000. On the same date, the median price of a unit was $906,000. To date, there has been 51 […]

Real Estate Appraisal Zetland NSW 2017

How Much is my Home Worth in Zetland? As of April 23, 2018, the median price for a house in Zetland was $1,520,000. The median price of a unit was $860,000. There has been 11 house sales and 244 units […]