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Are you better off buying an established home or a new one?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first home buyer, next home buyer or a property investor, deciding between a brand new home and an established one is an important choice that every property buyer needs to make. Both choices give […]

What you need to know about interest-only home loans

An interest-only home loan is a product that allows you to obtain a loan and only pay the interest for a set period of time, without paying off any of the loan principal. Many people think that interest-only home loans […]

Winter market report

Sydney continues steady growth over the colder months The winter months are typically considered to be the ‘slower’ real estate months of the year as buyers and sellers hibernate from the cold weather. However, in 2016 this was not the […]

14 Things to Consider Before Leasing Your Commercial Property

Renting out your commercial property is a huge investment decision, and a commercial lease can be complex and fraught with potential problems. So before you start leasing your commercial property, it’s important to know your legal rights and responsibilities. To […]

5 business professionals worth their weight in gold

Buying a property can be a very detailed and complicated process that takes a great deal of effort to complete successfully. If you have no experience with buying a property, you may find it difficult to know if you have […]