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The people involved

In any single development project there can be hundreds of various skilled people involved to complete the planning, promotion, sales and construction of the project. It is the collaboration between the following groups of people that will ultimately determine the […]

Before you sign

Before you sign on the dotted line, it is important to ensure you are informed on all aspects of the development and your agreement/contract. You should; Ensure you are in a solid financial position to purchase. It is recommended that […]

A wise investment?

With the population of Australia growing at a rapid rate and demand for inner city living only increasing, apartments will continue to be a worthwhile investment as building up, not out is the most viable option to fill the demand. […]

Buying off the plan 101

Essentially, buying ‘off the plan’ is when someone purchases a property before it is built. The developer secures a 10% deposit (in most cases) from the purchaser and uses that capital to secure a building loan from the bank to […]